Holy catfish what a trip these last few weeks have been.

I think I’ve officially survived my first big book launch. Last night I slept like a damn rock for the first time in a hot minute. Maybe it was all the beer I drank yesterday. Maybe I wasn’t actually sleeping, but just passed out face down in my pillow.

At least I made it into to my own bed.

Never Coming Down is officially live on Amazon for 3.99 and free with KU and I am absolutely thrilled there are people in this world who care enough to pay for things that come out of my body. I’m also thrilled that most people aren’t completely repulsed by it. Like I told my husband, “It’s not that fucking terrible.” To which he replied, “Then let my mom read it.”

Oh hell no.

I just gotta feast on this beautiful cover by pixel perfect some more. This woman knows how to read my mind.

So now, at least until I’m scrambling right up until the day Book 2 is due to my editor, things are gonna get a little more normal around here. Around my house. Around my blog. You know how much I hate being pushy promo girl? UGHHHHH….

It’s back to my favorite part of this whole deal. Back to writing books I want to read. Books I love. More work in progress updates. More fun twisty stuff about what’s to come in this series.

I’m so happy to have you along for the ride. If you want to stay in the loop even more, I’d love to have you on my mailing list. You’re free to unsubscribe at any time… I get it… I irritate myself sometimes.

Before I go… here’s an obligatory picture of my dog Gemma… we’re taking advantage of this rainy day to catch up on naps.

She melts my black heart with her wubbiness.


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