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Well Hello August

Ughhhhhhhh. *smashes face on keyboard* *chugs gallon of coffee* *instantly falls asleep the second I sit down* This week, ya’ll. Let me tell you, I’m so glad my next editorial deadline isn’t til the end of the month because the … Continue reading

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Work in Progress Wednesday 7/25

I’m enjoying the culmination of my procrastination lifestyle as I sip my coffee this morning. Staring out the window, waiting for my husband’s last minute birthday presents to get here (knock on wood before he wakes up.) It’s not that … Continue reading

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Above & Below – Cover Reveal

I have been sitting on this sexy AF cover for over two months now! TWO MONTHS! (that’s like a lifetime to this impulsive maniac) I’ve only shared it with some of my closest author friends (and my husband who basically grunted … Continue reading

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Acceptance + Self Indulgence

Here is a fun fact that I just have to accept: First blog posts are generally garbage, so I’m just gonna rip off the band-aid and get it over with. Accept that you all don’t know me from Adam and … Continue reading

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