About Me

Let me let you in on a little secret.

Deja Voss is a pen name. My real name is so long it would seriously cut into the amount of man-chest I could fit on my book covers, and that would be a tragedy.

I think this photo pretty much accurately sums up who I am as a person: 

Half finished still healing tats, basic betch socks, and psuedo-psychology

I used to write smut stories. Maybe you’ve read them. I doubt you’d tell me if you did, cuz they were nasty. I decided in April it was time to move along and start writing longer smut books with a more romantic lean. (still nasty, but more socially acceptable). I’m having the time of my life.

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, in my humble opinion.

One of my favorite writing spots

I’ve got trails, mountains, rivers, lakes, ponds, trees, and the occasional rattlesnake. Nature keeps me sane and inspires a lot of my stories. I love writing about mountain men and bikers because those are the kind of people that I know best living out here in the wilds.

I have a common-law husband. We run a business together and are currently raising two wild Rottweiler furchildren.

One of my pillow murderers caught in the act

I am bad at social media. I’m worse at technology. I’m sure this shines through in my crappy poorly lit photos and 2005 style blog. I AM pretty good at writing contemporary romance, and I hope you’ll give me a chance to prove that to you.

I created this website to keep track of my indie career and share a little peek into my world. While I hope to update it as frequently as I can, I’d love to invite you to Join My Mailing List where I will do all the fun stuff you’ve come to expect from your favorite authors like do cover reveals, give you first access to exclusive bonus chapters, and share more pictures of the pillow murderers. I promise I won’t spam the shit out of you. In fact, if you get one email from me a week, I’ll be shocked because I can barely keep my head screwed on straight as it is.

Feel free to pop over to my contact page if you’d like to talk about my work, reviews, ARC copies, and any other promo stuff or general questions, comments and concerns. (If you want to tell me that you think I suck, can you do it on twitter so I can at least get a mention? No press is bad press, right?)

Speaking of:

Here’s my social medias in case you missed all the blinking buttons I tried to strategically place all over my page




These are updated at random, not gonna lie. Sometimes it takes more than a few Bloody Marys for me to get up the courage to interact with humans. Or bots. Or people pretending to be cats.

As always, I appreciate you. I appreciate your time. And I’m so thankful that you’re willing to spend a little bit of it with me and all my book boyfriends.